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Sibling Support Groups Long Island

We Love Our SASI Siblings...

The siblings of those with autism are often forgotten. Their struggles are real and it is important to have time where the focus is solely on them. The sibling support groups are great ways for siblings to come and connect with others who deal with the same issues as they do. It is also a forum that allows them to speak to their parent(s) about things they may be feeling but are afraid to say. We are always amazed at the insight and maturity of these children/teens and what they hold inside. The approximate age range of these groups are 7-17 but we always tell the parents to use their judgement on whether they think their child would benefit from participating.

We hold the groups typically every other month mostly in the SASI office. We try to make it fun and incorporate games or activities into the group. Once or twice a year we do a sibling outing or picnic to have some fun with them as well. The sibling support groups are free and parents attend as well. They usually last about an hour. You do not have to RSVP you can simply attend.

You can find out the next date for a sibling support group by checking our event calendar.

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