The Mission Of SASI

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of children and families affected by autism by providing resources and information along with programs and services to benefit them in gaining independence and confidence. We provide emotional and financial support as well as advocate in the community for autism awareness and understanding.

Often when a child is diagnosed with ASD, the parents don’t know where to go first or what to do in order to better the life of their child. Early intervention is the key to the long term success of the ASD children.

Some Of Our Main Objectives Are:

  • Providing materials to guide families in finding resources, programs and therapies for their children.
  • Aiding families in navigating the OPWDD process.
  • Holding support group meetings for parents, siblings and ASD children.
  • Hosting a variety of events to boost the socialization and emotional well being of ASD children.
  • Educating the greater population about autism spectrum disorder.
  • Advocacy and Education including community outreach, professional development and school assemblies