Do I need to have a diagnosis of autism to be part of SASI?

NO…..you do not need an autism diagnosis to be part of our group. Some members do not have a formal diagnosis or are just suspecting that their child might have a disability. We also have parents in our group whose children have a variety of diagnoses like add, adhd and intellectual disabilities. As parents even though our diagnoses may vary, we all face similar struggles.

Is membership in SASI free?

YES…there is no charge to be a SASI member and all support meetings are free. We do offer an upgraded Blue Card Membership for a yearly fee of $25 that you can get. It is a terrific way to support SASI and it pays for itself! You get great benefits as a blue card member including 10 percent off all SASI events and programs.

I am in need of resources. How should I get in touch with someone?

We are here to help! While we may not have all the answers, we will help find someone who does and can help. SASI is all about educating parents and helping them find resources and services to help create better outcomes for our children. You can contact us at our e-mail at SASIGroupInfo@gmail.com or call us in the office at 631-676-SASI (7274)

When are the parent support meetings?

Parent meetings are the last Friday of every month except typically during June (our Blue Party Gala) and holiday months we often reschedule or miss a monthly support meeting. You can check with our office to confirm meeting dates. We also have sibling support groups about every other month. Please feel free to check our event calendar or contact us for next one coming up.

Visit our Parent Support Group page for more information

What is the SASI parent forum?

Our parents are our best resource! Even though every experience is different, parents sharing information with other parents is our best asset. We truly are a SASI family and there is always room for more. Please join our parent forum on facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/SASILongIsland. There is an amazing amount of resources shared on there each and every day. It is also a great way to find out not only about SASI events and programs, but about other programs and resources as well.

My child was just recently diagnosed with autism….what do I do now?

Getting the diagnosis can bring many feelings….some relief that you know what is wrong but also feeling completely overwhelmed. SASI was created by and is run by parents of children with autism ourselves. WE GET IT. We felt isolated and scared and so we created SASI in an attempt to help ourselves and others feel supported. Feel free to reach out to us. We offer lots of information and resources to help parents on their journey. You have found your people!

I suspect my child might have autism, who do I see to find out?

Not all doctors are equipped to correctly recognize and diagnose autism. Typically regular pediatricians are not able to diagnose autism. You should see a developmental pediatrician or a pediatric neurologist in order to get a proper diagnosis. If you e-mail us or call the office we can provide you with a list of doctors.

How do I join SASI and become involved?

Visit our “Join” page here to sign up online or fill out a membership form. We encourage everyone who joins to attend support meetings and to come to events. There is an entire community of SASI families that will embrace you and we welcome all!