About SASI

Our “SASI” families shown in our video all have their own unique journey’s with Autism. Janice was at our very first support meeting speaking about how “alone” she felt raising her son Steven, (Steven is the middle child of three incredible boys). I think she may have cried the most and spoke about her worries for his future. We all cried with her. Janice has told us that even her husband notices her being “happier lately”, and feels it’s because of SASI.

Ted and Zach are a team. Ted came to our second meeting and after hearing his story, every Autism parent in the room felt “we had to help him”. Ted was struggling on so many levels. He lost his beautiful wife to cystic fibrosis over 9 years ago and was doing it all on his own. Zach was one of twins. And after his wife passed Ted had to make a very tough decision to allow his daughter to be raised by his in laws , (as raising Zach and working was beyond overwhelming). He is not only one of the most humble men you could meet, but an incredibly unselfish and loving father to both his children. We are honored to have him as part of our family.

Kim, along with her two handsome sons Timmy and Lucas, (both on the spectrum), have also been on their own, navigating this Autism journey. Kim lost her husband unexpectedly about 4 years ago and the very next day lost her father. She has fought and advocated for her two boys and their future for years all alone until SASI. Her compassion for “all our children” is astonishing considering her own personal struggles.

All our families have a unique story to tell, yet many chapters echo so many similarities. They all need the compassion and support that we are able to provide.

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