SASI: Specialized Autism Support & Information

SASI is a place for families affected by autism to go for support, help, programs and to connect with other families. SASI is an organization run by parents of children with special needs themselves and we aim to be a central resource for parents to help them on their journey and to aid in creating better outcomes for individuals on the autism spectrum.

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What Is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. Autism appears to have its roots in very early brain development. However, the most obvious signs of autism and symptoms of autism tend to emerge between 2 and 3 years of age.

What Is Asperger's?

What Is Asperger's?

Asperger’s Syndrome is is a neurobiological disorder on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. Individuals with AS and related disorders exhibit serious deficiencies in social and communication skills. Their IQ’s are typically in the normal to superior range. They desire to fit in socially and have friends, but have a great deal of difficulty making effective social connections. Many are at risk for developing anxiety or depression, especially in adolescence.

autism support groups

Upcoming Events

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Family Fun Day

August 24 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sep 17

Siblings Support Group

September 17 @ 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm
Sep 29

Birthday Party Club August/September

September 29 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

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